Carrie Mead, MS, LCPC
Baltimore, Maryland
Life Coach, Reiki and Mental Health Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and EFT Tapping
Stages of Grief

As a psychotherapist and certified life coach I have accompanied many people on their journey’s through the messiness of life.  Some people reach out to me in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy while others wait decades to seek healing from the grief of childhood atrocities.  I always aim to be present, empathetic, and supportive to my clients no matter what they are facing.  Like many helpers and healers, I am a wounded healer, so relating to people in the depths of despair is quite natural for me.  However, as I observe the events around racial and social injustices in America unfold, I find myself at a loss for words and understanding. I wonder how we will heal from this grief.

By now we all know the stories of people like Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd. Their combined hashtags on Instagram alone reach almost 3,000,000 and growing by the hour.  I observe in horror, like most Americans, the disgrace and injustices betrayed upon these black men, and countless others, at the hands of a merciless few and yet I have no idea how to proceed. I have no idea how to make a sustainable impact on our society, our leaders, our communities, or our collective unconscious in these turbulent and unjust times.

Addressing Racism

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Carrie Mead, MS, LCPC
Baltimore, Maryland
Life Coach, Reiki and Mental Health Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and EFT Tapping
Carrie Mead, MS | Professional Life Coach and Psychotherapist | Maryland

I have listened to podcasts, read books and articles, talked to my friends, and joined online discussions about how to right these wrongs. I have reached out to colleagues of all colors and cultures to understand how their lives have been impacted by our collective history. And I have been open to exploring my role as a white, educated, middle class business owner. While I gain insight and perspective, none of these efforts have produced a tangible result or provided the least bit of comfort and understanding.  The conversations and teachings provide little in the way of empowerment, direction, and hope to me. 

Addressing the issues of racism and social justice within the walls of my own home is not easy, either. When I engage my young teenagers in conversation about race-relations they simply do not understand it. In their minds, racism and social injustice are deplorable but the events of the day are just another reason why us ‘boomers’ are so stupid and annoying. They cannot wrap their heads around why someone would be treated differently, let alone murdered, for the color of the skin. They think racism is not alive in their cohort and that it will die off with this last generation. Unfortunately, we know that history repeats itself time and time again and the likelihood that my kids will live in a fully anti-racist world is quite unlikely.  And my husband is British. He simply cannot grasp the collective history and atrocities of America upon those with brown skin.

Healing and Hope

Carrie Mead, MS, LCPC
Baltimore, Maryland
Life Coach, Reiki and Mental Health Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and EFT Tapping
Hope and Healing

Despite my best efforts, I am left feeling devoid of hope on this matter and yet this is precisely why I feel compelled to satiate my overarching ache for peace and justice among all Americans.  At the core of my being, I am optimistic, if not idealistic. I can always find the silver lining and usually, it is a realistic, tangible ray of hope- not just a pipe dream.  So, I will take the time now to feel the feelings, live in the despair, and cry the tears for those who lost their sons, husbands, uncles, and brothers knowing that love will prevail in the end. My clinical teachings and life experiences remind me that the only way to heal is to move through the grief.

The Cycle of Grief

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Carrie Mead, MS, LCPC
Baltimore, Maryland
Life Coach, Reiki and Mental Health Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and EFT Tapping
Grief and Life as a Cycle of Life

Ultimately, we are all working through a cycle of grief and loss because of our country’s history. When we think of grief, we most often think of the death of a loved one, but as humans we will experience many cycles of unwelcome change throughout our existence. There will be lost dreams and unhappy endings; it is just a fact of life. But, each of these unwelcome transitions can be a catalyst for a cycle of grief and, ultimately, a catalyst for personal development and healing.

In the midst of a world health pandemic, a failing economy, unprecedented unemployment, senseless murders of brown-skinned men, and an upcoming contentious presidential election, losses cannot be avoided. Grief itself is a process that is going to surface in response to our losses. Preparation and acknowledgement of this cycle are important if we are going to move through the cycle successfully. Success is a strange word to use in this context but from a clinical perspective, I view the grief process as a life transition in which we have the opportunity to learn something about ourselves, our needs, and our community and from this place we can make informed decisions that make a positive impact on society at large, and our personal lives. 

Signs of Grief

Carrie Mead, MS, LCPC
Baltimore, Maryland
Life Coach, Reiki and Mental Health Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and EFT Tapping
How do we treat Grief and Loss?

During your grief process, there will be both overt and covert signs of grief so be on the look-out for the less obvious signs of grief like guilt, the inability to concentration, unhealthy use of alcohol and drugs, and emotional numbing.  It is important to note that we cannot stop the cycle of change that occurs after a loss, nor it is healthy to attempt to do so.  Things do not  go back to normal but rather, a new normal is established. 

Self-Care is Healing

Carrie Mead, MS, LCPC
Baltimore, Maryland
Life Coach, Reiki and Mental Health Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and EFT Tapping
Carrie Mead, MS, LCPC | Licensed Psychotherapist | Maryland

The only way to heal is to move through it.  How do we do that?  Stop and reflect along the way; take care of yourself;  engage the support of friends and family; say no to activities, people, and chores that do not lift your burden; connect with your truest self through prayer; cry and laugh; meditate and give thanks for what you have; release the pain and anger that no longer serves you or the community at large.  Grief is a process and it is part of the cycle of life. As with all life-cycles, a metamorphosis will take place. You will emerge from this cycle in a different state than when you started.  The cycle of life only moves in one direction so when the journey begins, there is no way to turn back time.  We are already in the process of this cycle although we are each moving at our own pace. What we learn will be impacted by our own life experiences, our mental and emotional stability, our faith, and our readiness to embrace our reality.

Do You Need Help?

If you are suffering and hurting, as I suspect most people are, then take time to reflect on your experience. Listen to yourself and give a voice to your needs.  Learn to be assertive while also offering an ear for listening.   Figure out what you need to heal and what you can do to help someone else in their journey toward healing.  If you would like professional help with this journey, reach out to me to find out if psychotherapy, life coaching, or Reiki would be beneficial to your soul’s purpose and healing journey.  Learn more about me and how I may be of service to you by visiting me at or

Carrie Mead, MS, LCPC
Baltimore, Maryland
Life Coach, Reiki and Mental Health Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and EFT Tapping
Carrie Mead, MS, LCPC | Life Coach | Psychotherapist | Reiki

Carrie Mead, MS, LCPC is a professional counselor licensed in the state of Maryland,  Reiki practitioner and Certified Seasons of Change Life Coach.  Carrie utilizes a center-person holistic approach to healing and she honors the client as the expert of their own lives. Carrie earned her Master’s Degree in Counselor Education from McDaniel College in Westminster, MD where she resides with her family. Carrie studied life coaching at the Institute for Life Coach Training. When not working, Carrie can be found seeking the warmth of the sun in her garden where she grows vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. For more information, visit www.curiositylifecoaching or 

Learning to Embrace Change and Manage Anxiety

Healing Journey. Transformation Coaching

Welcome to spring 2020. Pollen, bluebirds and…. change is in air. We are muddling through unprecedented, scary, times together. We would rather be enjoying the extra daylight and warmer temperatures, but instead, on March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the COVID19 outbreak a world health pandemic. Thus, our anxiety heightened to intolerable levels. Collectively, we began to imagine worst-case- scenarios as our retirement funds plummeted, schools closed, and jobs were lost. Our worst fears started to unfold before our eyes and we seemed powerless to stop the destructive path carved out by a tiny virus. Creating a healthy mindset in the midst of chaos is pivotal.

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Using EFT Tapping to Reduce Stress

Emotional Freedom Technique and EFT Tapping

Tapping World Summit

I have been wanting to write about Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT Tapping for a long time now. The 12th annual Tapping World Summit [1] inspired me to get started. For 10 days, thought leaders in the world of psychology, medicine, science, and holistic healing came together to share insights and strategies for reducing stress using Emotional Freedom Technique.

Before I go any further, I want to say that I am not paid or rewarded for plugging this tapping event, I just love it and my clients love it too! The summit is free, completely online, packed full of amazing in-vivo EFT tapping experiences, and it will be attended by over 600,000 people annually. You can find out more at You also watch my quick YouTube tutorial on the EFT basics.

basics of tapping

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Navigating the Seasons of Life

Using the seasons as a guide when you are in the midst of a major life transition

Carrie Mead, MS
Transitions Coach
Carroll County, MD, USA

the seasons of life

At times, life is tough and at times, it is absolutely perfect.  Have you ever noticed the ebb and flow of the seasons of your own life?  There are times the stars align and everything you desire comes into fruition- a pay increase, a new romance, the perfect puppy… all at once.  You sit back and wonder how you got so lucky. You bask in the sunlight and abundance that life has afforded you. You keep working hard and enjoying the ride. You have a great work ethic and your friends know that they can count on you.  Life is good.  But we all know that’s not the whole story. Stress and anxiety are part of life too. But for now, let’s bask in the glory of the summer sun.

the Happiness of summer

Success Coaching

As a Seasons of Change coach, we refer to this time as the season of summer. Summer may last for months, or it may be a fleeting moment, but when we are experiencing the joy of summer there is no doubt that we are loved, supported, and capable of great things.  However, no season lasts forever.  Life is fluid and everchanging. You may be blissfully unaware that change is coming while you are enjoying the summer sun. However, if you are a person prone to anxiety, you may miss the joy of summer as you worry about the foreboding change that you just know is lurking around the corner (even though you have no evidence of such change). You may even miss the harvest you created due to these anxious, intrusive thoughts.  Either way, whether you are enjoying your summer or worrying about when it will end, change is coming. It always does.

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The benefits of certified life coaching? Peace, Joy & Success.

We all go through periods of time when we could benefit from some wise, objective, and thoughtful support to reach our goals.  Friends and family can be great for offering advice, but life coaching isn’t about advice-giving.  Life coaching is about empowering you to identify your desires, set your intentions and then, of course, achieve your goals.  

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Do I need a life coach or a therapist?

Carrie Mead, MS
Transitions Life Coach
Curiosity Life Coaching

As a psychotherapist and life coach, people always ask me the difference between my two roles. People are always curious about what I do. They are also want to know how to discern what they need. Basically, is  their problem coachable or therapeutic in nature?

So, with this blog, I want to address frequently asked questions about the differences between psychotherapy and life coaching. It’s not uncommon for people to confuse these two professions and to be sure, similarities do exist. However, these professions are not interchangeable. These waters can become even murkier as many counselors, like me, are practicing as both licensed counselors and life coaches. However, when you a hire a coach with a Masters in Counseling, like me, you can rest assured that the foundation of our work together is rooted in my innate understanding of the human psyche.

It’s important to note that as a potential client, you are not expected to know exactly what you need. As a trained professional, I am here to guide you to the right service based on your needs, capabilities, and desires. That is where my expertise comes in. In any event, it’s still important to be an informed consumer so I have laid out this simple bullet points to help guide you through the decision making process.

differences between counseling and coaching

  • Coaching sessions are focused on the agenda set by client
  • Coaching is action oriented and results driven
  • Coaching takes place in the here and now, not in the past
  • Coaching assumes that you are resilient, strong, capable and healthy
  • Coaching focuses on aligning your strengths with your stated goals
  • Coaching assumes that you are the expert of your own life purpose
  • Coaching is a collaborative process
  • Coaching is credentialed in many different ways by many governing bodies but in reality, no certification or credential is required to call oneself a coach
  • Coaching can take place by phone, video or in person across the USA or worldwide


  • Therapy is process oriented
  • Therapy focuses on emotions, behaviors and thoughts and the root of these feelings
  • Therapy helps the client relate current situations to past traumas or learned experiences
  • Therapy assesses for and diagnoses mental health disorders
  • Therapy provides treatement for mental health disorders
  • Therapists are trained at the Masters Level and are required to be licensed by their state in almost every state in the USA. Each state has their own regulation and reqirements, all are rigourous to ensure client safety
  • Therapy is often considered “medically necessary” and is covered by health insurance
  • Therapy is a medical model which is governed by the laws of HIPAA
  • Therapy can only take place in person or by secure video; most therapy laws prohibit the use of many technologies
  • The therapist is often considered the expert within the relationship
  • The practice of therapy or counseling is regulated by the state board in each state across the USA. A therapist may only practice or do counseling with a client who is located in the state in which the therapist is licensed.

similarities between counseling and coaching:

  • Both professions require specialized trainings, certifications, course work, internships and in-vivo field practice
  • Both professions have the same inherent goal of assisting clients create fulfilling lives
  • Both coaches and therapists are highly trained, empathetic, and intelligent
  • Both professions recognize and honor that each person is different and that there is no ‘one size fits all’ recipe for healing and success
  • Both professions adhere to ethical guidelines which foster safety within the relationship

It’s the job of the coach to help you, the client, understand these differences so that you choose the appropriate service for your needs. As the consumer, you are entitled to understand what coaching is, and is not, so that you can knowledgeably enter the coaching contract. In traditional psychotherapy, we would make this part of the informed consent process. A thorough initial phone call or video call should include: establishing rapport, assessing your readiness for coaching and explaining the limitations of coaching.

It’s my belief that both coaching and therapy are vital and helpful services for many people. There is no ‘better’ or ‘less than’ helping profession. It’s actually this diversity which allows us to have access to the services we need most at a particular time in life.

If you would like to explore the possibility of life coaching or counselling with me, please set up an appointment here. I provide mental health therapy in the state of Maryland only and you can find out more about my counseling philosophy here.

Carrie Mead, MS is a Professional Life Coach, Psychotherapist, and Reiki practitioner based in Maryland. Carrie created Curiosity Life Coaching to help men and women successfully navigate major life transitions such as retirement, divorce, career changes, and loss. Carrie provides guidance, support and empowering exercises to help her clients redefine and enact on their life’s mission following a major life transition. Connecting authentically and compassionately forms the basis of all of Carrie’s personal and professional relationships. Carrie holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling from McDaniel College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Gettysburg College. Learn more by visiting

“Just as the boat is guided to shore by careful planning, following the map and visualizing the light house, we too must have these tools to reach our goals. Without preparation, planning and a vision of the future we are just afloat in the sea at the mercy of the winds”

Carrie Mead, MS, LCPC
Curiosity Life Coaching