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Ready? Curious? Nervous? Fear and doubt are to be expected. You are on the verge of something new and exciting but your brain has translated this as ‘danger‘. Just know that this is a normal response and you can work through it by booking a free consult or a session. If you want a different result, you will have to try a different approach. Booking a free consult couldn’t be easier. All the ways to contact me are listed below.

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“Carrie Mead is a wonderfully intuitive coach grounded in the skills of a therapy background. With just the right mix of direction, humor, and accountability, Carrie masterfully asks just the right questions to maintain progress while gleaning all sorts of professional and personal insights. I came away from each coaching session with a renewed sense of energy and focus— propelling me forward and encouraging me to reach my most highly-valued goals. I recommend Carrie Mead without reservation.

– Mentor Coaching Client


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Carrie Mead, MS

Curiosity Life Coaching

Certified ‘Seasons of Change’ Life Coach

Baltimore, MD, USA