Offering Reiki in-person from Westminster, Maryland or as a distance healing session across the world.
Reiki with Carrie Mead, MS


Reiki is a wonderfully restorative Japanese healing practice. Calming the mind and rejuvenating the body is the intent of Reiki. Reiki healing can be done by the “laying hands” on the client or sessions can also be conducted through ‘distance healing’ with the power of intention and prayer. While I practice from Maryland, distance sessions can be held world-wide.

what to expect

Reiki restores balance to the body’s energy while also clearing blockages and aligning the mind-body-spirit. As the recipient of Reiki, expect to feel calm and relaxed throughout the session. As the client, you do not need to ‘do’ anything to receive Reiki. Divine energy and love will flow from Source through the practitioner to you, the client. Although I offer Reiki from Maryland, physical distance makes no difference because energy and prayer are not bound by space.

Offering Reiki in Maryland, USA and across the world.


Reiki sessions are offered in person in Carroll County, Maryland or by distance healing. Distance sessions are just as effective and delightful as in-person sessions. Distance healing sessions are convenient for working-parents, those who are home-bound by pain or illness or for people who travel frequently for work.

“Carrie is wonderful: So full of positive energy, empathy and humour. I connected with Carrie by chance whilst I was in the advancing stages of ALS/MND. After 5 years I was losing hope and direction. Carrie threw herself in, offering kindness & support, sending me carefully chosen materials to read and other inspirational resources to consider along with video calls where we laughed a lot. We started Reiki between the UK and the USA by coordinating time-slots so that our sessions started during her afternoons, but whilst I was relaxing and drifting to sleep. Each session was followed up by a detailed email explaining what she sensed in my physical and spiritual self. It was marvelous and insightful and has helped me move forward to a more relaxed and resolved place.”

— overseas distance Reiki client

“Carrie is connected. She has awesome energy and she has helped me sleep. I recommend Carrie for Reiki healing in person or from a distance.”

— distance Reiki client