I specialize in helping clients transform after major life transitions and events such as divorce, loss, relocation and retirement (to name a few!). I also offer career coaching, divorce coaching, spiritual coaching, christian coaching, relationship coaching, life coaching, wellness coaching, and leadership coaching services from Baltimore, MD and beyond.

I offer a variety of coaching and Reiki packages to meet your needs from Carroll County, MD (a suburb of Baltimore). Quarterly packages are payable in a full lump sum or by monthly installments. All coaching sessions are held by phone. Click here to contact me for pricing. All prices are offered in USD and credit card is the only acceptable payment. Payments are taken at the start of each session and credit card is retained when coaching agreement is engaged.

Coaching is not therapy. I do not offer counseling services or psychotherapy although I am clinically trained in counseling. To learn the difference between coaching and therapy, read my blog on this subject.

Life coaching & REIKI Combo

The perfect combination of forward moving-action and rejuvenation. 45 minute coaching & 30 minute distance Reiki session within the same week is offered at a 15% discount off individual pricing. Reiki can the perfect relaxation tool after a challenging week or it can be great way to instill calm and focus before a coaching session. Learn more here.

Life coaching

Life coaching is the result of an intentional collaboration between a trained professional and a client for the purpose of identifying, achieving and excelling at identified goals. Goals may be personal, spiritual, professional, emotional or relationship by nature. As your partner in co-creation, I will seek to help you magnify your personal power through the work we do together. The process of coaching uncovers and illuminates your core competencies, passions, values and talents. Together we will use these discoveries to accomplish all of your goals.  Sessions are typically held by phone 2-3 x per month.  Professional life coaching requires an investment of your time and energy and your results will depend upon your commitment to the process.  For relationship coaching, see below.

Couples/ Relationship Coaching

Just as with professional life coaching, couples coaching is based on a collaboration between the couple and the coach to identify, achieve, and excel at their goals. You will define your partnership; the formation of your partnership may not be traditional, and that’s ok!  Couples come into coaching for variety of reasons and together we will work to align goals and achieve the desired results as a team. Whether you are considering changing the structure of your partnership or marriage, considering divorce, or working through some tensions caused by poor communication and lack of attention, we will work through these challenges in a safe, judgement-free zone. Sessions are typically held 1-2 x per month by phone.  Coaching requires an investment of your time and energy and your results will depend upon your commitment to the process.

Career / Interview Coaching

Career coaching and interview coaching are sessions highly focused on the impact you will make in front of your potential employers during the interview process, networking events, and online. Aspects of this type of coaching also include evaluating and assessing your experience, skills, passions, talents, and values.  It’s important to look at your career in terms of:  where you’ve been, where you want to go, and where you have had your big successes, as well as, your failures. This helps us build a roadmap towards success as you develop professionally or make a career switch. We will also ensure your resume is up to date, your online presence is professional and accurate, and that you  are searchable to recruiters.

Usui Reiki

Reiki is wonderfully restorative healing practice. Reiki calms the mind and rejuvenates the body. Session are offered in person or by distance healing. Click here to learn more.

30 min mini-session

50 min session

Intuitive Inquiry

Have a question or decision to make? Need unbiased feedback? This is perfect for life’s small but important decisions.

20 min telephone session


Therapy and counseling services are not offered. If you are in need of therapy, please consult Psychology Today to find a therapist or counselor in your local area. Learn more about the differences between these two professions here.

Custom Packages

In need of something else? I will be happy to develop a package or service that fits your needs. You can reach me at:

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