EFT tapping (aka, Emotional Freedom Technique) is a evidence based tool for reducing anxiety, alleviating pain, processing feelings, and learning to manage stress. EFT falls into the realm of energy psychology.

In these sessions we will learn the basics of EFT and we will use EFT tapping to help you reach your coaching goals. Curious? Read my blog on EFT.

Whether your goals are financial, health-related, spiritual or person-centered, EFT tapping can help you uncover your fears and remove the blockages that are keeping you stuck in place.

Carrie Mead, MS, Curiosity Life Coaching
EFT tapping Coach
Baltimore, MD

EFT Tapping

EFT coaching sessions will take place weekly or bi-weekly by phone or video. You will learn how to use EFT to achieve your goals. Mindfulness practices can also be incorporated in these sessions.