Blogs are here to offer you tips, psychoeducation, insight and real-life experiences for living a full, abundant and fearless life. Blog topics supplement and compliment many of the issues we address in life coaching sessions.

The benefits of hiring a life coaching

  • Learn how you can benefit from a hiring a life coach (hint: peace, love and happiness). Read full article here.


  • Learn why multi-tasking is bad for everyone and everything. Read full article here.


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Carrie Mead, MS, Life Coach

Know your Why

Divorce Day 2020

Divorce Day 2020

“If you are currently in a troubled marriage, you may have typed the term “divorce” into your internet browser recently. If so, you are not alone.  According to media outlets like the New York Times[1] and the London Evening Standard [2], search terms such as “how do I get divorced” peak and trend at various points throughout the year.  It is no surprise that early January, or the first Monday back to work in January to be exact, is one of the most popular days to search for answers about the legalities and formalities of getting divorced…” Read More

using discernment in Marriage

Discernment is defined as the ability to judge well.  This is a beautiful and simple definition of an elegant term. It is clear and precise.. Read more
Discernment in your marriage

Why is Self Care important

Self-care is a buzzword that we have all heard but I wonder how many people really know what it means to care for one’s self.  I would wager to say that people talk much more about this topic than actually practice a regular and consistent self-care routine.”
Carrie Mead, Life Coach
The Importance of Self Care

thriving admist Major Life Transitions

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using EFT Tapping for Stress

positive Strategic Decision Making

Free Writing for Life Coaching

Business management

managing Anxiety and Change

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Therapy vs. life coaching

Do I need a life coach or a therapist?

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