Life coaching helps gain clarity, focus, goal setting, accountability.  Life coaching can help you through a major life transition like divorce, relocation, a career change or retirement. Serving you from Washington, DC

what is life coaching?

Life coaching is the result of an intentional collaboration between a trained professional and a client for the purpose of identifying and excelling at goals. Goals may be personal, spiritual, financial, professional, emotional, or relational by nature. I am a certified life coach and I can help you.

why do I need a life coach?

Do you have goals or dreams that you are struggling to accomplish on your own? As a certified life coach, I will am skilled at helping you excel. Life coaching is all about accountability, goal attainment, and personal development.

what should I expect with each coaching session?

As your life coach & partner the work we do together will lead to personal empowerment and increased self-awareness. The process of coaching will uncover and illuminate your core competencies, values, and passions. Coaching will also identify and release your unseen fears and blockages. Together we will use these discoveries to accomplish all of your goals.

Learn more about my coaching style in this short video series.

Life coaching helps you clarify your goals and holds you accountable and focused as you work towards your dreams. Carrie Mead, MS Washington, DC

Life Coaching

You will emerge from the life coaching experience with focus, motivation, clarity, and inner-peace.

Life Coach sessions are held by phone or video weekly or bi-weekly.

Professional life coaching requires an investment of your time and energy and your results will depend upon your commitment to the process.


“If you’re looking for a life coach to help you set, clarify, and achieve your specific life goals in a compassionate, non-judgmental, and professional way then you found the right place. Carrie has helped me to take the time to reflect on what I really want in different areas of my life and then focus on ways to achieve those things with tangible results. “

— small business owner

“Carrie Mead is a wonderfully intuitive coach grounded in the skills of a therapy background. With just the right mix of direction, humor, and accountability, Carrie masterfully asks just the right questions to maintain progress while gleaning all sorts of professional and personal insights. I came away from each coaching session with a renewed sense of energy and focus— propelling me forward and encouraging me to reach my most highly-valued goals. I recommend Carrie Mead without reservation. “

— psychotherapist, coach, author