Carrie Mead, MS ~ Seasons of Change Coach

Major life transitions can come in many shapes and sizes. Some people refer to this time as a midlife crisis, but these changes do not always happen in midlife. Whether you are
heading into retirement, becoming an empty-nester, going through divorce, or
making a major career change, you will experience a number of changes that may
seem uncertain and a little scary. You may feel stuck, depressed, or anxious in this phase of life and you may want to cling to what you know. However, you know that’s not possible.

I have specific training to help you successfully navigate whatever major life transition you are facing because I am a “Seasons Of Change” certified coach. I use the seasons and nature as my guide to help you understand which season of life you are currently experiencing. You may seek help as you enter fall (i.e. the time when the change is about to take place or when it has just taken place) or you may call after being stuck in a long dark winter (i.e. the time when you are feeling helpless and stuck because the pain of the transition has lasted too long). Once we know where you are, we can build a road-map of your journey going forward. We will take time to gain insight and clarity along the way so that you can glide successfully into the fruitful season of summer.


Weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions will be held by phone or video. Together we will be guided through the seasons of your life to gain clarity, wisdom, inner peace, and, ultimately, we’ll reach all of your goals in the process.